Saturday, 11 July 2015

What they are saying

......about Allo Allo.

"Absolutely brilliant! Well done all!"

"Fantastic show, hilarious! Well done, we really enjoyed it! "

"Well done to everyone last night....I brought along a large group of family & friends, some familiar with the TV show & some not and everyone loved it. Fab performances all round...and the audience loved it"

"Very well done you all did a splendid job we thoroughly enjoyed the evening Thank you"

"Absolutely brilliant. Not laughed so much in a long while."

"Brilliant show! Loved it....sooooo funny!"

"Well done you guys!! HURRAH!!!! We all had a blast mate!! Top job by all the cast but especially our old Dids "

"If you haven't already been this week go and see Allo Allo by The Dicker Players in Hailsham tomorrow matinee. So funny!!! Well done to all involved, I was the one with the dirty laugh in the front row!!!"

"Great work everyone! Such a laugh! Delighted to see it, the best Dicker show yet!" 

"Amazing show guys, absolutely love it"

"It was the first time we'd been to the wonderful Pavilion and the first time we'd seen the Dicker Players - and what a show! Well done everyone involved in this hugely funny play: it was such a fun evening!"

"... fab show!!! Well done guys! Hope your last day goes amazingly!"

"Absolutely brilliant show - six of us went and were doubled up with laughter. What a terrible shame the timing [of the performance dates] is so bad - Wimbledon finals and not really child friendly for a matinee. If any one is not a tennis fan GO this afternoon - you wont regret it and will come out with a smile on your face."

"It isn't hard to be a brilliant audience when you are watching a brilliant show!! Well done to you all "

"Great show, lots of laughs, -- we went Friday night. Well Done all. "

"ditto above comments - went on Friday, well done Dicker Players"

"Just back from Sunday matinee.Well done to all the players.Thoroughly enjoyable.All that hard work for 4 performances.."

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