Monday, 12 November 2012

14/11/12 - just over a week to go before opening night and we have just finished another fantastic rehearsal. The songs are all coming together well and we all know the majority of the words now, which is handy. There's always that little nagging worry that if you get too good in rehearsal that you'll have 'peaked too soon' and the shows will be an anti climax, but I don't think that'll be a problem - we're simply getting more and more polished every day! I can't wait!!
NB: If you are planning to book tickets for Friday 30th Nov, please call first to check availability.
In the Dicker Players we tread, and stick to, that fine line between being disappointingly tame for existing audiences and overtly shocking for new audiences. Although we call the Cabaret 'Adult Humour', if we were a film we'd probably be rated 15. In fact, this year the majority of our sketches don't even contain any swearing and there is, I am sorry to report, no full frontal nudity - well there hasn't been in rehearsals, but with Cabaret who knows what will happen on the night?
We are still finding it all very funny even after nearly 3 months of rehearsals so we are sure the audiences will love it - tickets still available for most nights