Thursday, 15 November 2012

Without wishing to give too many surprises away, the group's current show, Cabaret 2012! features just 8 cast members in a diverse range of comic roles including nurse, pilots, librarian, opticians, milkman, newspaper editor, passengers on a cruise, magician, squash players, puppeteers and a French lover, to name but a few. And we are exhausted! We would love to have just a few new members in the group to help share out the roles for future Cabarets and Plays. Yes, we do plays too. In fact, we are an award winning group, scooping a past prize in Eastbourne Festival for the performance of Blue Remembered Hills by Dennis Potter. 
Past plays include An Evening with Gary Linekar, Comic Potential, Look no Hans and Radio Daze.

So if you have anything from an iota to a bucket load of talent, can sing (or not), play an instrument (or not) and are keen to tread the boards and be in the limelight, come and see what we get up to at the performances (23/24 Nov, 1st Dec) and talk to the cast at the end of the show. Tickets are £8 for the first 2 nights, and £17.50 for the final night on 1st December which includes a 3 course meal. It has been a long standing tradition of the Dicker Players that they swap roles from actors to waiting staff during the interval to serve the audience their meals, usually with a touch of Dicker Players comic attitude.